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Spiritual Union at Mayan Ruins, Belize

Actualizado: 5 jun 2021


When Naureen inquired, her first message said:

“I want to have my wedding on mayan ruins. I also want you to be my photographer! I’m having a hard time getting started. Do you work with a wedding planner down there? Is there someone you can refer to me? Thanks so much!”

After José Luis (photographer) reply and gave her recommendations, she booked her trip and had an Adventurous Mayan Temple Belize Destination Wedding at the Ancient Maya City of Xunantunich in San José Succotz, a Maya village in the Cayo District of Western Belize and hosted their reception at the amazing Ka’ana Boutique Resort.

The getting ready part happened at Ka’ana Resort. Naureen got ready with her best friends at one of the beautiful private villas Ka’ana has to offer. This was a micro wedding, the ones we love the most and we are specialized in. The connection created between the couple and the group is something that they will always rememeber and that fill our heart with gratefulness for such opportunity of being close to love.










The ceremony was held at the astonishing ancient Mayan City of Xunantunich. Xunantunich is home to El Castillo, the second tallest structure in Belize.

As a planner, I organize hundreds of mayan, ancestral and spiritul ceremonies. A new way to say I do, where the couple connect first with their hearts. Less appearence, more essence.

In Mexico we don’t have unfortunately the opportunity to share a ceremony in an archaeological site, due to government restriction, so this was a wonderful opportunity for all of us.

The officiants coming with me from Playa del Carmen, Mexico (I’m local and live here since 2006), were very honored to have this opportunity of officiating a ritual in a mayan ceremonial center. Andy & Naureen decided to have a spiritual ancestral wedding, following mayan traditions. It was a great surprise for their guests, a mystical experience for everybody.

Announcing the union of the couple to the elements and guardians of nature, we will turn in every cardinal direction, each one house of a natural element, following the officiant. The altar in the center, an offering prepared to honor the four elements givers of life, that inhabit as well within us: earth is my body, water my blood, air is my breath and fire my spirit.

We start the ceremony blessing bride and groom with the smoke of the sacred incense copal. In mayan culture is present in every ceremony, to smudge and purify, elevate thoughts and emotions. Asking permission and blessings for the couple, to the heart of the Sky and Mother Earth.

Between the ceremonial rituals full of symbolism, we particulary love the cacao seed exchange: it represents the sweetness and abundance in love. It is germinated with the deeper meaning of connecting mind and heart of the couple.

After the ceremony and photos around the Mayan Temples, we moved back to Ka’ana Resort where the newly wedded couple hosted their reception and celebrated their love with family and friends.

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